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Caring for all in the community

By July 29, 2022No Comments
Charles O’Neill Walkway, Rookwood Catholic Cemetery

Press Release: Caring for all in the community

Over the pastdecades, Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria (CCC) has provided hundreds of services for those without means, in line with our Catholic-based mission.

CCC together with St Vincent de Paul, David’s Place, Cana, Matthew Talbot, Payce Foundation, CatholicCare and the Brown Nurses will be holding a Bringing Them Home Service on 2 August 2022, 11am at the Charles O’Neill Walkway to commemorate those who have died in the past year. There will be 12 interments on the day, from different cultures and backgrounds.

For the past 7 years, CCC has partnered with the St Vincent de Paul Society and a number of other charitable organisations for this important memorial service because of our common values.  We share the belief that everyone who comes into our cemeteries regardless of their circumstances, should be treated with respect and dignity.

Charles O’Neill was the co-founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia and is buried in Section 14, Mortuary 3 in the company of those he served. O’Neill is remembered for his life’s commitment to the poor and promoted a more sympathetic and non-judgmental approach to charity.

At Rookwood Catholic Cemetery, there are two dedicated St Vincent De Paul Society burial areas to assist those less fortunate. There have been almost 800 interments that have taken place from 1971 to today in these sections.

CCC formed a strong collaboration with the St Vincent de Paul Society by offering grave sites at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery. This helped them to continue to meet the immediate needs of providing a final resting place to those adversely affected by poverty and the most disadvantaged in Sydney.

Peter O’Meara, the CEO of Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria said, “There is an intrinsic element of basic humanity and a spirit of respect for the dead that no government-controlled cemetery provides in Sydney”.

Jack de Groot, CEO of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW, said, “The St Vincent de Paul Society helps people find dignity in life and, for the people we have the privilege of assisting at the end, in death. Experience of disadvantage should not preclude someone from being laid to rest or being remembered.”

Catholic Cemeteries and the St Vincent de Paul Society will continue to work together year after year to provide a dedicated resting place for all in the community.

It is for this reason that CCC ensures that the areas for people without means are well maintained and that the names of the deceased are recorded on a plaque, providing them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

For further information please contact Jo Davenport on 0427 604 651.

Charles O’Neill Walkway, Rookwood Catholic Cemetery
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