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Compassion, choice, respect, and care for generations to come

Our existing four cemeteries and memorial parks, spread across western Sydney, have been here for generations. Many of these cemeteries are sites of cultural and historical significance and CCC are proud stewards of these special places, preserving the shared history of our community for the benefit of generations to come.

CCC equally looks forward to the future, ensuring the rich and diverse cultural traditions that take place on our sites can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. We’re developing new memorial parks, sustainable memorial products and embracing changing technology to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

The role we play in our communities is fundamental: providing front‑line care for those who have lost a loved one and looking after those they have lost. Our services provide comfort and closure to families and individuals in their times of need, and our cemeteries provide peaceful places for commemoration and reflection.

Our Vision + Mission

Together our mission and vision statements provide a roadmap for CC+C’s direction, motivation, and inspiration. They serve as a touchstone for all decision–making and help ensure we stay focused on our core purpose and long-term goals.

Our Vision

Honouring every life forever.

Our Mission

Remembering the dead. Serving the living.

Our Values

Values have been at the heart of CC+C’s identity from its inception.

At CC+C, we strive to live our values in our work, decision making and engagement. As we face the future, CC+C remains committed to these values, which have been part of our fabric for decades.


Our faith tradition guides us in everything we do.


We protect and promote the dignity of the human person.


We act with empathy and are sensitive to all.


We work together.


We are ethical and authentic in the things we do.
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