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Cemetery + Funeral Services FAQ's

Who is responsible for refurbishment or repairs on graves and memorials?

The family are responsible for the refurbishment of Sections graves and will need to engage a stonemason to complete the work. For Lawn Graves and Plaques the family can organise the refurbishment through our office for a fee.

How do I change ownership of a grave?

It depends on the circumstances of ownership, and if there is no will you may be required to provide a death certificate and the application may need to be signed by all of the next of kin (for example all of the children of the deceased will be joint owners of the grave). Please find our application for Updating Burial License Form to begin the process, but please contact the cemetery office as we can assist you to make the process easier.

What do I do to get a headstone engraved or a plaque?

Commence by filling out the appropriate form for plaques. You can then choose your tribute text, appropriate borders and other decoration such as photographs and military insignia. This process is managed by the cemetery office in conjunction with the stone mason. See the list of available stone masons.

Why do I have to pay opening and closing fees on my family crypt?

This fee contributes to the Cemeteries perpetual maintenance as well Crown Levy Necropolis Fee, State Burial Levy, Cemetery fee (liability etc).

Do I have to use a funeral director?

In NSW it is very difficult to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director due to health and legal requirements. The Cemetery requests that registered Funeral Directors are used to ensure compliance with regulations, this ensures safety is adhered to during the service.

Funeral directors sometimes refer to “up to the cemetery gates”. What does this mean?

A funeral director generally makes arrangements for a funeral “up to the gates” referring to the arrangements before the service, the transport to (and sometimes from) the cemetery. Chapel, interment, condolence lounge and catering are arranged through the cemetery.

Can the casket be open during a service in the Chapel?

Yes, this can be arranged by request with your funeral director. With approval from the priest or minister and compliance with cemetery rules.

How can I ensure that my wishes as to burial or cremation are carried out when I die?

Instructions should be provided to the person who will be responsible for your funeral arrangements when you die. It is also recommended that the instructions are written in your Will.

What can be pre-purchased?

Everything is available for pre-purchase – Graves, Crypts, Niches and Cremations including chapel services and memorialisation.

Does it cost more to pre-purchase?

No, it does not cost more to pre-purchase, but it does offer the advantage of securing your funeral at today’s prices, as well as ensuring that last wishes are fulfilled.

Who owns the grave?

No one owns a grave. A Right of Interment is held by the person who orders the burial or pre-purchases the grave. This means the holder of a Right of Interment is responsible for approving any burials and any memorialisation.

Who maintains the cemetery grounds and memorials?

Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria is responsible for maintaining the gardens and ensures that pathways are maintained for safe access by visitors. We will repair any damages incurred during our general maintenance.


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