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Burial FAQ's

I am not Catholic; can I still use the services of Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria?

Yes, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria is open to the Christian community and we can assist you with finding a clergy to conduct your service if required.

I do not have a regular place of worship to hold a service, what do I do?

We have a range of chapels available to conduct burial services, which you can choose one that best suits your personal style and the size of the congregation in attendance. We also have lounges available for gathering afterwards, which makes it easy for all by staying within the cemetery.

How does Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria cater for different religions and ethnic groups?

We understand the importance of being buried with people of the same faith and community group and we have available a variety of lawns including Korean, Vietnamese, Polish and Maronite. Please inquire with our customer service staff about your individual needs.

Is there a time limit on graves?

No, All graves purchased for burials are owned by the family in perpetuity. The exception is Sydney Natural Burial Park, which as an environmentally sustainable resting place, has tenure of 30 years.

What is the difference between a traditional section grave, a monumental grave and a lawn grave?

A lawn grave is generally a simple plaque that is level with the ground and offers a very natural and peaceful setting.

A monumental lawn headstone allows a more personalized decorative tribute to be erected.

A traditional section grave includes the grave covering as well as the headstone and can be made from various types of stone if required.

How many interments can take place in a grave?

The traditional section graves can accommodate two, whereas lawn or monumental graves can accommodate three. Cremated remains may also be interred. Families wishing to have the option to bury up to three individuals within one plot should advise their funeral director at the time of the first burial taking place so that the grave can be dug to a greater depth.

Can I have a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, funerals can be arranged on Saturdays by prior arrangement; however there is an additional cost factor involved, Services are not offered on a Sunday.

Can my family select a grave for me when the time comes?

Yes, your family may personally select a grave at any of our cemeteries. Our staff who will show you the available sites.

Do I go straight to the gravesite or do I wait?

With both cremations and burials, the funeral cortege will arrive at the main driveway where it will wait until the scheduled time. Mourners will then fall in behind the cars and proceed to the place of commitment.

I am planning ahead, what can be pre-purchased?

You may pre-purchase a grave, or a memorial placement. A separate certificate is issued for all pre-purchases. Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria provides pre-need agreements for the following: grave sites, memorial sites, cremations, and mausoleum crypt entitlements. Some funeral directors can also arrange pre-need agreements for their services.

What mementoes can I place at the grave?

Fresh Flowers are permitted but anything left on the lawn or concrete beam will be removed to allow us to carry out maintenance.  Any item which can be broken may cause injury to our staff and other visitors.  Items such as glass/ceramic vases and artificial flowers are not allowed as they often get caught in lawn mowers causing injuries.


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