Deceased Search


Welcome to our free online search facility that will help uncover your family heritage. Our search covers the records of

  • Catholic Cemetery Kemps Creek, 1965
  • Liverpool Cemetery & Crematorium, 1894
  • Catholic Cemetery North Rocks, 1892
  • The Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) – Rookwood, 1903
  • Catholic Cemetery Necropolis Rookwood, 1867

The records detail only the information recorded at the time of death, and does not hold information about family or next of kin. If you are seeking this information we suggest you search Birth Deaths & Marriages.

For more detailed information such as headstone information or photographs please contact our office via EMAIL. As this is a manual search, fees will apply. Please allow 5 working days for a reply.

Please note the Deceased Search database is intended solely for personal use. All information published on the Deceased Search site, including photographs are protected by copyright and owned by Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria. The copying or distribution of this information to any third party is strictly prohibited, without prior written permission. Please see Site Policies for more information on the terms of using this website.


  • Due to the Privacy Act, disclosure of the names of owner/s or next of kin of a deceased person is prohibited.
  • Early records are not as comprehensive as current ones and do not provide more detailed information.
  • The Deceased Search database does not provide information on headstone or plaque inscriptions.
  • Neither the Deceased Search database nor records held have information on maiden names, names of parents, names of siblings, newspaper announcements, or immigration.
  • For more information, e.g. headstone/plaque inscriptions, photographs, listings of names etc., a fee may apply.