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Everyone's grief is unique and personal

There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Grief can be unpredictable and we may experience emotions we have not experienced before. Reactions to grief can range from being overwhelmed to discomfort or feelings of relief.

The Grief Care service is a resource providing support, conversation, referral and education for people grieving a death or seeking to understand the loss and grief experience. Grief Care can provide training on grief, loss and bereavement to the general public, community organisations, parishes, schools, health professionals and funeral directors.

We are committed to helping our families and celebrating the life of your loved one through our many Grief Care services. Be assured that our Grief Care Team are willing to listen to your experiences with care, empathy, and compassion as you navigate and live with your grief, loss and bereavement.

Grief Care are available to guide, support and prepare Religious/Spiritual and Secular Order of Services, in addition to conducting, presiding (celebrant) where the preference is not to have a clergy or religious minister.

Our workshops offer training and information to support all those working in the field of grief, loss and bereavement as well as groups who support others in this area (Funeral Directors, Parishes, Pastoral Groups, Schools, Aged Care Homes).
We develop and circulate evidence-based resources that reflect current research and contemporary best practice in grief care through our weekly newsletters .

Our Support Services

Grief Care offers care, empathy & compassion to individuals, families and communities living with the impact of loss, grief, trauma & bereavement.

We are qualified pastoral care practitioners, clinicians, counselors, educators and spiritual directors who are present for people through companioning, formation, education and advocacy.

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