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Burial Options

Choose the traditional burial that suits you

Burial Above Ground

Following the European tradition for above ground burials, families can choose a family vault or crypt within our cemeteries landscaped grounds at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery and Liverpool cemeteries. Or, you may prefer to be within the inspiring and modern Mausoleum of the Resurrection at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery with its beautiful chapel and reflective pool.

The difference between a crypt and a vault is that a vault is a large free-standing building to be shared by family members and contains various shelf configurations. A crypt can be purchased as a single or double and are housed within a building of other crypts.

FAQ'S about Burials

Burial Below Ground

In ground burials vary depending on the headstone. A lawn grave is generally a simple plaque that is level with the ground and offers a very natural and peaceful setting.

For something more decorative, a monumental lawn headstone allows a more personalised tribute to be erected.

A traditional section grave includes the grave covering as well as the headstone and can be made from various types of stone if required.

FAQ'S about Burials

Cremated Remains Interment

This option is growing in popularity as families have different wishes regarding cremation services and burials. A person’s ashes can be interred in the family grave, enabling them to be memorialised together. There are different options to suit different budgets including:

  • Burial within a family grave
  • Niche Walls
  • Niche Gardens
FAQ'S about Cremation

Community Burials

Community or cultural burial lawns have been created to allow people of the same faith and geographic origin to be buried together, in an area dedicated to a saint that is particular to their community.

We offer a wide range of cultural lawns across our cemeteries. Please contact us for further information on availability.

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Children's Burials

The loss of an infant is tragic and families gain comfort from knowing their child is buried in a dedicated garden for children. We offer unique consideration to families who have lost an infant or a child under the age of 12, with special prices available. There is also a section for the internment of cremated remains.

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