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+Masses at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery

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Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria hold several special Masses and events during the year at various cemeteries located across Sydney.
The monthly Mass is held at 9.30am on the first Tuesday of each month in the stunning Mausoleum of the Resurrection chapel at Rookwood. The Mass is offered for the repose of the souls of our loved ones, not only at the time of their death but also on the anniversary of their death. Attendees can bring in photos of their deceased loved ones and place them in front of the altar. A morning tea is offered to all at the end of the Mass.
A Mass is also be held at Rookwood Cemetery on the second Saturday in May for Mother’s Day and the last Saturday in August for Father’s Day, to remember all the mothers and fathers that are no longer with us. The Mass and morning tea for these events are held in the Mary, Mother of Mercy Crematorium Chapel and Condolence lounge to accommodate the large number of families that attend these popular Masses. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will also be celebrated at Liverpool Cemetery this year.
The first weekend in November is the Feast of All Souls Day, with events celebrated at Rookwood, Field of Mars – Ryde, Liverpool and Kemps Creek. This event can be traced back to the monks of Cluny, France, in 998 who would hold a special Mass for the deceased in their community. A significant number of families attend this feast day to pray for their loved ones, with numbers getting into the thousands at the Kemps Creek outdoor Mass.
The Memorial Mass for Deceased priests will be held on the first Tuesday of November by the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria at St Michaels’ the Archangel, Rookwood. The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria welcome all to take the time to remember the selfless work done by the many wonderful priests for the Catholic community and enjoy a light lunch after mass.
If you would like to hold a memorial Mass or event in one of the five Catholic Cemeteries’ chapels at Rookwood or one of our other cemeteries, please contact Customer Service on (02) 9649 6423 or head online for more information.

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