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Cremation – Economic Alternative To Burial

By September 15, 2013No Comments

As an alternative to traditional burial, choosing cremation services fits in with Catholic religious beliefs, is affordable and has a reduced environmental impact.
Cremation was not permitted by the Church until 1963. However, today the number of Australian Catholics who prefer cremation to traditional burial continues to increase. In Sydney, research indicates that approximately 30 per cent of deceased Catholics are being cremated.
The cost difference between burial and cremation is significant and can be around $3,000 to $4,000 when comparing a basic lawn burial with a pre-planned cremation. With an “at time of need” funeral, a burial interment can be nearly $7,000 more than cremation.
As long as the cremated remains are treated with the same respect with which we respect the body and are placed in a garden, niche wall, mausoleum or grave, cremation services are a viable and economic alternative for any Catholic.
You can be confident that our cremation services will utilise the latest technology and modern practices and the lasting memorialisation and surrounding gardens will be continually cared for into the future, ensuring a beautiful place for families to visit.

Above-ground burial

Communities that prefer above ground burial will be pleased to know that the St Antonio Garden Crypts are now open at Rookwood Cemetery. The beautiful complex incorporates the latest in architectural design, materials and construction and is environmentally sustainable.
The modern building reflects the majestic Mausoleum of the Resurrection building located nearby, acknowledging and drawing from its strength and presence in the cemetery that combines the best of European traditions with a uniquely Australian style.
The St Antonio Garden Crypts provide more than 250 crypt spaces, a central court with a fountain and sculptural artworks. The crypts are available in single and double configurations and include imported granite memorial panels.
Rookwood Cemetery’s crypts are open for inspections Monday to Friday. Please contact the Catholic Office on (02) 9649 6423 to arrange a time to visit.

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