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Palm Sunday – Holy Week 2020

20 Apr

Palm Sunday – Holy Week 2020

Palm Sunday


Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter have NOT been cancelled, the way we will celebrate this year has changed, but Jesus is still the focus.  How do we as a people whose memory and practice around this Season usually links us into a faith community through the rituals of our childhood and the many special gatherings as family, friends, and community?  The upheaval of COVID19 and the daily restrictions provides an opportunity to look at every aspect of our lives through different lenses.

Our Lenten practices this year will require our own preparation in being creative in what we do for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the Easter Season.  Grief Care recognises that we are all grieving many losses at this time and we are offering some ideas for you to use as you gather as a family, as a couple or as an individual in the safety of your home.  We are physically apart however we can still be connected as communities of faith.

We invite you to stay connected through a variety of online links.

We hope these ideas will bring Holy week alive for you in the comfort of your own home.

Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday about?

Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the welcome of the people, many asked:
“Who is this?”

Today people still ask this question.  Why not spend some time today remembering who Jesus is for you?

Jesus entering Jersusalem

Live-streamed/Televised Mass
SYDNEY St Mary’s Cathedral

How can we remember Palm Sunday at home?

In the Gospel of Matthew palms are not mentioned, he says the people used
“cut branches from the trees,”

You might wish to take a branch from your garden or area around your home. The link to the Palm Sunday Jig might help remember the joyfulness of the entrance procession.

Make a Palm Cross

With your branches or palm crosses you might like to gather as a family or by yourself and offer this prayer.

Let us pray
God of all life,
we come before you with green branches,
symbols of life and youth,
and of Jesus,
who called himself the greenwood.

Let these green branches and leaves
acclaim Christ as the One who brings
us life’s fullness, even though we have
to take, with him, the hard road of
suffering and death towards the

You might like to do the following:

Sprinkle the branches with water in silence.

You might like to decorate your front door with your crosses and branches – See how this is done:

 2019 Blessing of the Palms by Pope Francis



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