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National COVID Bereavement Project

By August 24, 2021June 19th, 2023No Comments

National COVID Bereavement Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally disrupted every aspect of life, including how we die and how we grieve. Lockdown, social distancing and travel restrictions mean that a death from any cause during the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have occurred against a backdrop of many losses. As businesses and cities open up again, we are being told that life is getting back to ‘normal’, but for people who have experienced a death during COVID-19, there is no back to normal.
As part of our commitment to supporting communities experiencing bereavement and loss, we would be grateful if you could assist in data collection which will contribute to a National Action Plan to address the mental health and wellbeing of people bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic and in any future pandemics.


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