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Easter Week 6 – Easter Season 2020

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Easter Week 6, The Easter Season 2020
Easter Week 6 – Easter Season 2020
What more could we wish for than to have both?
The word ‘champion’ describes and raises emotion when used – some good, some not so good, but either way it is a word that creates a feeling, that raises curiosity, that fills us with spirit. So to should the word Paraclete or as the Gospel of this sixth week of the Easter Season uses – Advocate. Both of these words suggest importance, a defender or a lawyer who pleads our case or a witness who testifies on our behalf. It can refer to a person who gives comfort, counsel, or strength in time of need. It can refer to a person who comes to your aid if you are in danger. The literal meaning is “someone called in… to help” in a time of need. A Champion.
When we, as Christians, show love, we reveal the life of God among people. Why? Simply because we affirm the presence of the Risen Lord with us. We show others the life of the Spirit within us. Love, then, is faith in action. Our Champion could also be the person who loves us unconditionally who will stand by us whatever our need – we are asked to go out and do the same to those we meet to share in the Mission of Jesus through the gift of the Spirit. In the words of the Gospel;
‘I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.’ John 14:15-21
God’s desire and affection for us, is shown in Jesus. We may more usually think of God’s feelings toward us as much bigger and grander and because of this, more distant than affection and being intimate. Affection is a lot more ‘homely and comfortable and gentle’. Intimacy is about communion, being inseparable – ‘into me you see.’
The refrain for the Responsorial Psalm for the 6th Week of the Easter Season  is:
“ Let all the earth cry out to God with Joy,”
Listen or join in here:

The Gospel
(Jn 14: 15-21) for today read by Fr Eamonn O’Connor:

The Homily
by Fr John McKinnon

spoken by Fr Rob Galea – On Love

Ever wondered what our intimate and affectionate God is really like? You may enjoy this poem from Fr Kevin O’Shea:
God Belongs To You
God longs for us, and belongs to us, even more than we long for God, and belong to God.
God is your kind of person.
If you have a happy family, then God is like family to you.
If you don’t, then God is how you would really like family to be for you.
God won’t drop you. (Even if you drop God occasionally).
You can’t be lost. God holds you.
God understands. God stands under all you are and all you do.
Don’t try to understand God, just enjoy God.
There is nothing you have ever done or worried about that God can’t make sense of.
You don’t know how, but God does.
Let God do God’s job: your job is to trust God.
God is with you, and within you.
‘With’ is a God-word: God is a ‘with-God’.
All you need to do is recognise God’s presence with and in you.
God is God, there are no deals, contracts, arrangements.
There is commitment, from God to you.
God is your partner in life, in your life, and you are God’s partner in God’s own life.
God doesn’t get angry with you, God gets concerned for you.
God loves your whole story, not just parts of it.
If God were writing a book about you, God would not want to leave anything out.
There is no need to be scared of God.
Just fall in love with God. God already did, with you.
God wants you to go out and live, to enjoy your life, and discover other persons.
Don’t try to imagine what God looks like, just know that God is there, with and in you.
Fr Rob Galea – No Greater Love

Faith In Action Challenge!
How will you ‘champion love’ this week for others?
“Love Notes”
When did you last send one?
When did you last receive one?
Maybe this week you might consider sending some notes to those you love, maybe to someone you have fallen out with but would like to reconnect again.  A note in a lunch box, or maybe even stick a thank you note on the post box for the postie – that is a way to show love too! You can exchange the notes or place them where the recipient can find them. Whatever you choose to do, remember that notes turn the feeling of love into action.
View Pre-Recorded Mothers Day Mass
Traditionally at Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria, we gather on the Saturday before Mother’s Day for a Mass.  Please use the link to watch a pre-recorded Mass with Bishop Terry Brady, who offers his annual Blessing for All Women at the conclusion of the Mass.


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