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Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust Welcomes JRPP Decision

12 Sep

Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust Welcomes JRPP Decision

Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust Welcomes JRPP Decision
The Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (CMCT), has welcomed the South West Joint Regional Planning Panel’s (JRPP) decision to amend the Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to permit a multi-denominational lawn cemetery at Varroville.
The JRPP’s decision follows a comprehensive planning process over three years, with approvals at both local and state levels, as well as a thorough community consultation process with broad support from local residents, religious, business and community organisations.
The panel’s decision in regards to the proposed Macarthur Memorial Park were based on the following reasons:
1. There is sufficient demand for cemetery space to serve both the Campbelltown LGA and the greater Macarthur area and provide more affordable burial.
2. The memorial park has been specifically designed not to harm the area’s visual, cultural and environmental qualities and will act to protect these values in perpetuity.
3. The proposal will ensure appropriate future development and must be consistent with the approved Conservation Management Plan (CMP).
4. The proposal includes a large area of attractive open space that will now be accessible to the public.
5. The cemetery will have no adverse impact on the environment, and native vegetation will replace currently infested weeds and exotic planting.
6. The panel was satisfied with the analysis of the heritage impact and all future development will be subject to heritage assessment and the CMP.
The JRPP noted that permitted uses of the site including schools and places of public worship which could create a significant or greater impact on the area than the proposed memorial park. They also noted that this decision will not set a precedent for any future rezoning proposals in the Scenic Hills.
Peter O’Meara CEO of CMCT said “Macarthur Memorial Park will provide much needed burial space, as well as tranquil parklands for the community together with contemporary designed chapels and function facilities that will meld with the natural landscape”.
The proposal provides a beneficial outcome for the community of Macarthur with the provision of affordable burial spaces into the 22nd century and the opening of scenic parklands for the first time to the local and wider community.

12 September, 2016



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