• Mary, Mother of Mercy Crematorium Chapel Rookwood
  • Sacred Heart Chapel Rookwood
  • St Micheals the Archangel Chapel Rookwood
  • Way of the Cross Outdoor Chapel Rookwood
  • Padre Pio Chapel Liverpool


Our chapels are the heart of our community. They are places to gather with friends and family to celebrate a life through burial, cremation or memorial services. To join with the broader community in prayer at special event masses such as All Souls Day, or simply to come alone to reflect and contemplate.

Our chapels are available to all Christian religions. In modern times not all families have a regular place of worship, but using a chapel at one of our cemeteries is easy and can be tailored to your religious needs. The only requirement is that the service is conducted by an ordained minister of any religion. If you do not have a priest or minister our customer service staff can recommend a selection for you to choose from.

Each service is facilitated by a Chapel Co-ordinator, who liaises with your funeral director to ensure that the service is conducted according to your wishes. We provide everything you’ll need from audio and PowerPoint facilities, to attendants ensuring a smooth running service.

Live streaming and recording of funeral services is available in the Mary, Mother of Mercy Chapel for family and friends who are unable to attend in person. One Room discreetly records, streams and stores the funeral service, providing privacy-controlled access for viewing via the internet.

An email invitation is circulated to privately invite family and friends to watch the service live or in their own time, on any device. The recording of the funeral service can provide clarity and a reflection of history for future generations. The recording is stored and accessible from anywhere, at any time or can be downloaded for personal storage.

Each chapel is beautifully decorated with inspiring art and statues, and an organ can be made available upon request.

Please contact our office on (02) 9649 6423 to discuss the best options for your service.