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Offers care, empathy & compassion to individuals, families and communities living with the impact of loss, grief, trauma & bereavement.

We are qualified pastoral care practitioners, clinicians, counsellors, educators and spiritual directors who are present for people through companioning, formation, education, advocacy. ​

Please contact our Grief Care Team for further information:
Office Telephone: 02 9646 6908

Grief is a natural reaction (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) to loss, trauma, and bereavement. Through grief, we try to come to terms with the loss and changes in our life resulting from the death of a significant person. We have to somehow adjust to their absence and at the same time find new ways of connecting with them and new ways of living.

How long does grief last? The time is different for everyone. There is no “time frame,” nor stages for the grief process. Grief takes as long as it takes! The experience is gradual. Just as we take time to establish a relationship with someone, learning to live with our loss takes time.

“Time does not heal – what heals is what we do with the time.”

Many of us find a balance between spending time alone and being with family and friends, helpful. Due to the very personal nature of grief, it may also be useful to speak with a Grief Care Practitioner, who can accompany you in moving with the grief, meaning making and meaning finding, and continuing the bonds with the person who has died.

If you would like more information about loss, grief, trauma and bereavement, visit our Grief Care Services Directory and Resources below.