Our Mission & Values

Caring for familes, Rookwood Catholic Cemetery


Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria is a trust established by the Archdiocese of Sydney, with a tradition that dates back to 1867. The agency currently manages five Catholic and general cemeteries within the greater Western Sydney region and is charged with the special mission of creating and maintaining sacred burial places for all we serve.


We are a not for profit Catholic organisation committed to caring for the community of Sydney, now and into the future, by delivering quality cemetery services, facilities and products. We take great pride in helping families and making a difficult time easier.

Supporting Families through…


You can trust that we will treat you with respect and do all we can to help comfort you. You can be confident in receiving smooth service that will be according to last wishes, within a spiritual environment. Working with you is our vocation and we believe every person is important and unique.


To ensure that your final tribute is personal, we offer options to suit you, from lawn burial and above ground burial to Sydney’s only Catholic Crematorium.  With locations around Sydney we have chapels and condolence lounges to complete your service. We cater to all community needs from ethnic to environmental.


We are committed to quality and innovation and your service will utilise the latest technology and modern practices. We provide a lasting memorialisation and the surrounding gardens will be continually cared for into the future ensuring a safe and beautiful place for your family and future generations to visit.


Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria are the independent experts helping customers take care of their families in their final life stage. We are open to providing services to families of all recognised religions, whilst continuing in our Catholic vocation.

We support funeral directors by empowering families to make decisions and ensure last wishes are achieved. Through our Funeral Services Alliance, we contribute to the development and growth of our vibrant funeral industry. Funeral Service Alliance directors are professionals who will ensure that your family have a personal and dignified funeral service.


Our faith in Jesus guides everything we do:

Compassion – we are empathic and sensitive to all

Creative – we make inspired places and are committed to innovation

Collaborate – we value all our stakeholders and together we generate positive outcomes

Choices – providing options that will ensure a personal final tribute

Delivery – we excel in all that we do

Integrity – we live our values of honesty, mercy and respect