Nepean Gardens



Sydney is running out of burial space. Cemeteries that have served Sydney for over a century are in their final years. Some of these will close within 3 years and all Crown cemeteries will close to new burials within 10-12 years.

Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria has been working with over 200 community groups to resolve their imminent shortage of burial space, including the Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and other faith groups in line with their religious needs and burial practices.

CCC recognised the critical shortage of burial space several years ago and is the only Crown operator in Sydney that has secured new burial land with the purchase of two DA approved cemeteries.

They include the 113ha Macarthur Memorial Park in the Campbelltown area and the 44ha Nepean Gardens in the Penrith area.


Macarthur Memorial Park will be an innovative, sustainable and multi-denominational memorial and parkland destination, designed to honour life, culture and community for generations to come.
This unique memorial park will be distinctly landscaped over 113 hectares of open space, respecting the sites significant indigenous and colonial heritage. The iconic public space will be open to all and will include peaceful walking tracks, a café and an inspiring sculpture park.
This world-class memorial park has been conceived with the local community at its’ heart. With dedicated community lawns available in unique burial rooms designed to provide privacy for family and visitors.



Nepean Gardens has been designed as a landscaped parkland. A place for remembrance and reflection, as well as open space for the local community to use for recreational and sporting purposes, whilst at the same time conserving environmental heritage.

The 44 hectare parkland will preserve valuable green space for the community of western Sydney, that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways from coffee with family and friends, dog-walking, exercising in the gym or pool, through to a game of golf or lawn bowls.

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We’re upgrading our facilities to better serve our clients.

Liverpool Cemetery is about to undergo major refurbishment of the administration office, condolence room, cafe and chapel facilities.  The Liverpool works will commence on or around the 15th of February 2022.

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We’re upgrading our facilities to better serve our clients.

Kemps Creek Memorial Park is undergoing major construction of a new administration office and crematorium. Construction will take place from February 2022 until December 2022.

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