Kemps Creek Cemetery

Kemps Creek Naturial Burial Field


The beautifully landscaped boutique cemetery located in the scenic Kemps Creek area, serves all denominations in the community and provides affordable burial and cremation options. Kemps Creek Cemetery offers a serene location with rolling lawns and tranquil lake views surrounded by native bushland.

Located between the Penrith local government area and only 15 minutes from Liverpool and 20 minutes from Blacktown, the 15 hectares of colonial parklands offers the community a rural alternative to other cemeteries in built up areas.

An annual pilgrimage to the cemetery and the blessing of the graves is held the first Sunday after All Souls Day, and is a community highlight whereby families celebrate after the service by picnicking in the grounds.


Kemps Creek Cemetery holds within its grounds Sydney Natural Burial Park – Sydney’s first eco-burial area that is attracting patrons from all areas of Sydney. Natural burial offers the community a simple and sustainable resting place with minimal disturbance to the bushland environment.

To ensure that the habitat is kept as natural as possible, there are no formal headstones or monuments nor artificial wreaths or tributes. The field is minimally maintained to encourage growth, protect trees and wildlife and avoids the use of horticultural chemicals to create a self-sustaining eco-system.

The natural beauty of the landscape is your lasting memorial. Graves are unmarked, but each is mapped and surveyed using GPS technology to accurately record locations for future visits. A central commemorative feature in sandstone at the entrance to the field records the names of those interred and provides a place for reflection for families.


 Kemps Creek Cemetery & Crematorium

230 – 260 Western Road,
Kemps Creek, NSW 2178

Phone: 02 9826 2273

Cemetery Hours
7:30am to 5:00pm
Office Hours 
New office open on-site
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm