Things We Dont Like to Talk About – MEMORIALISATION

A funeral is only the first step in the grieving process and of commemorating a person’s life.

After the funeral, the next step is memorialisation -finding a place to connect with the person who has died where you can express your grief, and take time to reflect on your memories. This is important not only for family but also friends. Although modern society doesn’t have a comfortable relationship with death, there is a growing understanding that a relationship continues, even after death.

There is a wide range of memorial options, and pricing varies, so remember to factor memorialisation costs when planning a funeral, and explore the options to find affordable choices.

Cemeteries are important for memorialisation – and not all cemeteries are the same. Not for profit cemeteries are important public spaces, which will be there into the future, unlike a park or a garden that maybe developed into the future.

There are many ways to memorialise within the cemetery so you can personalise your memorial, whilst knowing it is safe place you and future generations can visit.