Memorialisation. A Place for Remembering and Contemplation

Memorialisation is a permanent tribute to an individual who has died, generally through a headstone, niche or plaque. Memorialisation is important for helping the grieving process but also provides a permanent focal point for friends and future generations. Memorialisation allows us to continue our relationship beyond death and by memorialising within a Catholic Cemetery; your family can be assured that the cremation memorial will be looked after in perpetuity – a guarantee that cannot be made by other forms of memorialisation such as urns or parks.

The Inscription Process

The inscription of your plaque, whether it is for a lawn plaque or a section plaque or a cremated interment is an important part of memorialisation, and personalising the final tribute for your family or friend.

Organising this can take time to consider, and there are no time limits. The text can be personalised, and can include other languages than English. You can include a photo, as well as special extras such as Military Insignia (this will require permission from the Office of War Graves).

To commence organising the inscription of a plaque, fill out the appropriate form. The time it takes to create the plaque at the stonemasons varies, but averages 6-8 weeks, although it can take up to 12 weeks to include a photograph. For more detail refer to our Frequently Asked Questions on Inscriptions and Plaques.


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