Grief Care Programs

Our Programs

  • Acknowledges that we all have a role to play in navigating and exploring the cultural complexity, anxiety, uncertainty and growth around death, loss, trauma, grief, mourning and bereavement.
  • Develops workshops, seminars and resources that are appropriate to the needs of groups and communities, acknowledging and enhancing the unique experiences, capacities and competencies of each.
  • Strengthens communities to create, maintain and sustain
    safe environments for people to trust, feel and talk about
    grief & trauma.
  • Grows awareness and best practice through current scientific and research-based understandings.
  • Provides places and spaces where grief stories can be told and listened to and the wisdom gained through lived experience can be reflected upon.
  • Proposes the ‘meaning finding & meaning-making’ networks (religious/spiritual/secular) that mediate the experiences of loss, grief, trauma and bereavement and naturalise death and dying.

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