Plaque & Inscription FAQs

When do I have to organise the plaque?

Organizing a suitable plaque needs time and consideration.  Rest assured there is no need to rush into this process; there are no time limits for organizing a plaque.

Who has the right to authorise a plaque?

Only the registered owner(s) of the grave/niche or personal representative of the owner(s) such as Power of Attorney, can authorize a plaque.  In the event that there is more than one registered owner, all owners must approve and sign for the plaque. If you are unsure as to whom the registered owner/s are, please contact the cemetery office to confirm

What if the owner is deceased?

This depends on how many owners there are.

  • When there is One Owner
    When the registered owner passes away, current NSW legislation states that the grave/niche becomes part of the deceased’s estate.  The ownership of the grave/niche may transfer to the beneficiaries of the owner’s estate.  A copy of the Last Will and Testament must be produced to the Cemetery office to determine the new rightful owner/s.
  •  Joint Owners
    When a joint owner passes away, the ownership of the grave/niche reverts to the remaining owner/s.

Am I restricted in what I can include on the plaque?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when organizing the plaque:

1. The person’s legal name (as provided in official documentation and recorded in the cemetery register) must be stated at the top of the plaque. However, this does not prohibit nicknames, abbreviations or maiden names from being included.

2. There is generally a maximum number of characters that can be fitted onto the plaque, please refer to your order form for character limits.

3. The design layout and font type used on the plaque has been carefully selected to ensure that the text will be legible and the quality of the plaque will not be compromised. Requests for changes to the set plaque format may not always be able to be accommodated

Can I have languages other than English?

Yes inscriptions in other languages are permitted; simply provide an English translation when ordering. NB: Inscriptions in other languages may attract additional fees.

Can I order a photo to be placed on the plaque?

Most of the larger plaques are able to accommodate a ceramic photo. Please refer to your plaque order form for further information.

Can I have a Military Insignia on my plaque?

Yes, but you do need to apply for permission to use Returned Services and Australian military insignia on a memorial plaque, contact the Office of Australian War Graves, PO Box 21, Woden ACT 2606 Australia or telephone 02 6289 1111.

How long does it take for the plaque to be completed?

It takes up to 8 weeks for the plaque to be made and installed from the date the final approved proof and payment (if applicable) is received by the cemetery.

How long does it take for the photo to be completed?

It takes up to 12 weeks for the photo to be made and installed from the date ordered and payment is received by the cemetery.

Why does the plaque take so long to be made?

Creating a plaque is an involved process using several technologies, including electronics and order entry, computer graphic designs and polymer plate technology, pattern making, sand casting with molten metal and finishing with sand blasting, tooling, spray painting and curing.

What if I change my mind or make a mistake?

Once the approved proof is received by the Cemetery Office, the plaque order is exported to the bronze foundry and production of the plaque cast commences. Once cast, any alteration to the plaque will require a complete remake of the product. Please note that additional charges may apply for any alterations once this process commences.

What are my payment options?

Payments can be made by cash, cheque/money order, EFTPOS or Visa/MasterCard.